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Ensuring Your Family’s Future With Estate Planning

Last updated on September 28, 2021

Every estate planning client we see has a unique story and life situation. At Gibson Watson Marino LLC, we believe the role of a good estate planning lawyer is more than just ensuring that all your documents are in order; we believe that to truly serve our clients we need to thoroughly understand their wishes and goals. We are more than just a law firm, we are a partner in securing the future of your family.

Comprehensive Estate Planning Services

Our attorneys are equipped to help you with all aspects of estate planning. We help clients with standard wills and trusts as well as more complex arrangements for managing your assets and planning for the care of loved ones. Our extensive services include:

Wills and trusts – We help clients draft wills, standard revocable and irrevocable trusts, and other specialized trusts, including family trusts, charitable trusts and special needs trusts.

Health care directives – This includes both health care powers of attorney and do not resuscitate orders (DNRs).

Dealing with probate disputes – When probate disputes arise, having a skilled attorney on your side can save you time and money. We can help make sure the probate process works for you.

Planning to avoid excess taxes – Without proper tax planning, there are often unintended tax liabilities for surviving family members and beneficiaries. We make sure that all documents are drafted to minimize taxes as much as possible. We also provide representation for tax disputes with the Kansas Department of Revenue and the IRS.

Charitable planning – We help clients support charitable foundations through forming a charitable organization or exploring other options to support public and private charities and community foundations.

Protecting assets – We create asset protection plans for high net worth clients who complement the overall estate plan.

Planning for business succession – Having a detailed succession plan for a family business can be critical to the survival of the company. We create a strategy appropriate for your interests that will minimize taxes and help ensure the ongoing success of the business.

Planning for the care of a minor – We believe parents should have a plan for who will care for their minor children if they become incapacitated. By creating a declaration of guardian for a minor child, you will get to choose who cares for your child if both you and your spouse die.

Declaration of guardian – Names your choice for a personal guardian if you become incapacitated, which is a court-appointed role. A guardian usually replaces the power of attorney but could be the same person.

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