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Navigating through a divorce can be a deeply personal and challenging experience. At Gibson Watson Marino LLC in Wichita, we understand how heavy divorce can feel. Founded in 1947, our firm has been providing comprehensive legal support to families just like yours. Our attorneys bring locally developed legal excellence to your case, blending in-depth knowledge of Kansas law with an appreciation for the values that matter to you.

What Do You Need To Know About Getting Divorced in Kansas?

In Kansas, the law allows for no-fault divorce, meaning you don’t have to prove wrongdoing to dissolve your marriage. The legal grounds accepted are “incompatibility” or “failure to perform a marital duty or obligation.” Simply put, if you and your spouse cannot get along, or if one party fails to meet their marital responsibilities, these are sufficient reasons to seek a divorce. You can file for divorce without assigning blame to your spouse.

While Kansas also recognizes that couples can get divorced because one spouse failed to perform a material marital duty, citing this as the cause for divorce is not likely to affect the terms of the divorce or result in a higher award of spousal maintenance.

What Are Your Options For A Divorce In Kansas?

Every divorce is unique, with its own set of circumstances and challenges. The path you take can vary significantly depending on your circumstances. Part of this includes how easy or difficult it is to work together to reach a resolution. The more contentious your divorce, the more likely it is to be a contested divorce, which can take longer and cost more money.

In an uncontested divorce, both parties agree on all of the terms to settle the divorce. Even though both parties are working together, it can still require careful legal navigation. Some of the decisions you’ll need to navigate to settle your divorce include:

  • Property division
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support

Whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, our divorce lawyers are equipped to handle the intricacies of your case with care and professionalism. From the initial filing to the final decree, we guide you through each step, ensuring you understand the timeline and what to expect, working diligently toward achieving results that align with your needs.

How Can You Negotiate A Divorce Settlement?

In a divorce, it is better for everyone involved if the parties are able to reach agreements themselves. Even in a contentious divorce, it is beneficial to attempt to resolve the contested issues.

Mediation can help tremendously. Even when a couple has a difficult time working together, a mediator can help parties negotiate a settlement. In mediation, both parties work with a qualified third-party neutral to reach an agreement. The benefits of mediation include privacy, reduced conflict and often a quicker resolution. Several of our attorneys are skilled mediators and certified third-party neutrals who can help you work toward a peaceful and fair settlement.

Comprehensive Legal Services: A Full-Service Advantage In A Divorce

When you’re going through a divorce, the complexities of your legal needs can often extend beyond the immediate concerns of separating from a spouse. At Gibson Watson Marino LLC, we offer the advantage of a full-service legal practice that can skillfully address all the aspects of your life that may be affected by your divorce. Our real estate attorneys can help you with the sale of your marital home. Our bankruptcy attorneys can offer counsel and advice in the event the parties need to allocate debt. Post-divorce, it’s crucial to update your estate plan to reflect your new circumstances. We help you safeguard your legacy and ensure your wishes are carried out.

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